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Portraits are where I would say I am most seasoned in. I love taking portraits which is mostly seniors and graduates. Portraits is where I usually like to get most creative and some really beautiful things can happen. My favorite part about portraits is the adventure. Anyone that has shot with me knows I love the mountains and I love to take you on a hike. My portrait gallery is the most accurate representation of my current work.

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I have had some time off from weddings but I am beyond ready to create. I have shot about 10 weddings all together. Although, most of my work from weddings is from my old camera and editing style. It is hard to represent a wedding with my current style because I have not shot one in 3 years. The Alex Johnson wedding is the closest accurate representation of my work, but it is from about 3 years ago. I really believe I can help you create the most gorgeous wedding photos. I am so confident in my abilities and I can not wait for another wedding to showcase how much my work has grown!

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Bring me all the love. Capturing the love between you and your significant other is something so special. I love being able to document a couples journey in life.

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I love every family that has come my way. I love to capture the dynamic of your family and natural moments between you all. It is so beautiful to watch how you interact and to be able to document those special moments. Family a beautiful thing that is treasured for life!

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Let's create something amazing.