Hey, I'm Kirstin

Wyoming grown and forever home. I love a good nature walk, motorcycle ride, or a horse ride. One thing about me is I really just can not sit still. In addition to not being able to sit still, there comes a need to document every crazy thing I want to do. Put all those things together and that is where I would say the start of my obsession with picture taking is. My family is my world and I choose to spend lots of time with the things closest to me including my husband, two dogs, and two horses. This also includes other family and friends. All of these things have given me purpose for my photos over the years. This is what deeply inspires my photography. My own life and my own thirst for constant creativity and need to document beautifully. It is not always about the money or making the most money off my work. I am more determined to create things that make me happy and appreciate life. I want to present life in the way it should be viewed everyday- precious and beautiful.

I picked up my first digital camera when I was about 10 years old. I started taking pictures of the summer travels my parents would take me on. I would enter my photos in the local county fair. Then I started taking portraits of myself using a self timer. It was probably a pretty funny sight. Mid high school I built my own photography "business" and I ended up taking the senior portraits of a few of my friends and peers in my graduating class. During the same time I got connected with another professional photographer in the area and started shooting weddings with her as a second photographer. I then ended up shooting 5 weddings on my own. I started college and became very busy with my studies. I was still doing seniors and family sessions in the fall and summer. I still kept taking creative photos of myself. Constantly changing my style and building my experience through photos of myself and friends that I enjoyed. I took my own headshots for my local role as a rodeo queen in 2020. In 2021 I got married to the love of my life, and this reignited my love for weddings. It inspired me to shoot weddings again, which I am dying to do hopefully soon. I earned my bachelors in elementary education from Valley City State University in 2020. I am currently teaching 4th grade in NE Wyoming. My life is busy, but I somehow always find time for everything I love!

100+ Portrait Sessions Captured

10 Weddings Captured

7 Years of Photography Experience

Fun Facts

>I grew up like an only child and spent lots of my free time taking pictures of myself.

>I went to Europe my first time (and only time) when I was 19. I went to visit a friend who did a foreign exchange my senior year of high school. My mom inspired my love of travel.

>I am a sucker for horses and the western lifestyle in general. It is so fascinating and wholesome. I still have my two horses that I did many events on back in the day.

>I love to learn and try new things. I am always finding new hobbies. I love motorcycle riding, horse riding, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where is your dream location to shoot at?

I have many dream locations! A short list includes Alaska, Iceland, Glacier NP, Canadian Rockies, or Redwoods NP.

What is your favorite type of day to shoot?

End of day light is the most magical time of day. I always strive to shoot during this time.

How long have you been photographing?

7 years of true photographer experience. I photographed my first wedding when I was 16.

What are you trying to accomplish as a photographer?

Gorgeous natural moments captured to be enjoyed for years down the road. Happiness in others is so satisfying and I love giving others memories to hold onto.

What is your favorite type of wedding location?

National parks or national forests are my favorite spots on earth. My favorite part of this job is getting to work in beautiful locations.

Why choose me as your photographer?

I grew up deeply loving to flip through the photo-books in my grandma's house. I loved getting to see the memories passed down through time. I want to give others that same feeling!

Let's create something amazing.